Sunday, January 20, 2013

January OHIO YAB Quarterly Meeting 2013

Morning Brainstorming Topics for Youth Participants:

  1. What Teachers and Guidance Counselors Need to Know: What do middle/high school staff need to know about the experiences /resources related to foster youth? 
  2. National Foster Youth Advocacy Network: Does the OHIO YAB want to join their network? Are there training topics that we’d like for them to provide for us?   (undecided by participants; OYAB Officers will make the final decision)
  3. Developing A Statewide IL Curriculum: What were your most helpful hands-on experiences to prepare you for adulthood? What things did no one ever tell you, but you wish they had?
  4. Youth-Developed Workshop on Relationships: Insights/role-plays for today’s foster youth. 
  5. Chafee Funds: Youth suggest Best Practices in utilizing this funding allocation. 
  6. Housing: Youth discuss Barriers and Best Practices.

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