Monday, September 12, 2016

Violet Ramunni's Letter of Support for the Fostering Stable Housing Opportunities Act

Greeting and Salutations,

My name is Violet Ramunni I am a former foster youth who emancipated from Medina County Childrens Services in 2013, after spending the last 8 years in Medina County Custody.

Since my emancipation, I have lived in a housing program for homeless youth, Section 8 and currently reside with my former foster parents until I recive a ship date from The United States Navy.

I served on the Ohio Youth Advisory Board as Vice President from 2014-2015. Our mission is to be the knowledgable statewide voice that influences polices and practices that affect all youth who have or will experience out of home care. I also served on the National Foster Youth and Alumni Policy Council.

 I'm writing to ever so strongly support the Fostering Stable Housing Opportunities Act. As a youth who emancipated out of the system over 3 years ago, I am now able to appreciate my journey since emancipation. I've grown as a person due to these struggles. What troubles me is that the number of fosters emancipating every year is 22,000.

The day of my emancipation, I moved straight into a homeless program for youth
because my county did not have programs like Independent Living or Vouchers.

The Fostering Stable Housing Opportunities Act would provide foster youth with more than just a house. We've been through too many houses and never a place to call home. Giving youth the opportunity to strive in college or work or whatever their choice is, is what really gets me excited.

I as a foster was not educated about what college really was. I knew I wanted to attend college. I had someone help me fill out my FAFSA and went to my college orientation by myself. Had I received any education toward the difference between a full-time or part time student, and tips on time management, I might have passed my first semester of college.

We all want to make something of ourselves and better our futures, whether you are currently in the foster system or aged out. This Act is a step in the right direction.

Violet Ramunni
Former OHIO YAB Vice President
Future Navy Sailor

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