Monday, April 17, 2017

Melissa Stroud, 2017 FosterClub Outstanding Young Leader

Congratulations to Melissa Stroud for being recognized as Ohio’s 2017 FosterClub Outstanding Young Leader.

She is the current Vice President and former Media Spokesperson of the Overcoming Hurdles in Ohio Youth Advisory Board, which exists to be knowledgeable statewide voice that influences policies and practices that affect all youth who have or will experience out-of-home care.

Melissa is known throughout the state for her leadership skills, maturity, and strong sense of responsibility. In her role, Melissa has:

  • Facilitated quarterly statewide foster youth advisory meetings
  • Shared her insights during the 2016 ODJFS All Staff Meeting
  • Celebrated a troop of Girl Scouts who chose to dedicate their efforts towards foster care
  • Led a youth workshop during the 2016 Fostering Pathways to Success conference 
  • Served as a youth panelist for the 2016 statewide Ohio Fostering Connections Symposium
  • Participated in Three Days on the Hill in 2016 and 2017

We are incredibly proud of her for the poise and maturity she brought to her multiple newspaper interviews, for the excellent job she consistently does in Washington DC, and, most of all, for the responsibility she has demonstrated in over the past two years in consistently following through on all her officer commitments.

At her local high school, Melissa is involved in the National Honor Society. She volunteers with Link Crew, a program that brings together high school juniors and seniors to mentor incoming freshman during their first year of high school.  She will be graduating high school in June, and plans to attend Cleveland State University to study Urban Affairs.

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