Sunday, July 23, 2017

Planning ahead for the 2017 Pathways Conference

The OHIO Youth Advisory Board will be facilitating two workshops during the Fostering Pathways to Success conference on October 12, 2017:
1.) Taking Your Future From Vision to Reality:
Youth will identify their vision for the future and receive tools to help map out the next steps to that future.

- Youth will set specific personal goals for their future   (“My Vision is…” shirt)
- Youth will receive hands-on support in mapping out action steps to move forward (“Please back my vision”)
- Youth will be informed with resources to help them build that future  (IL Roadmap draft)

2.)  Time Management:  Turning Your Passion Into Plans
As foster youth, we often come from chaos in our biological homes, experience chaos during our time in foster care, and then try to build stability as young adults. This workshop will help.

- Youth will receive concrete tools (Passion Planners)
- Youth will learn tips on time management and prioritizing.

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