Thursday, April 19, 2018

2018 April OHIO Youth Advisory Board Elections

Congratulations, elected 2018 OHIO YAB Officers:
  • President Elect Jewel Harris, Allen County
  • Vice President Elect Sam Dillon, Athens County
  • Media Spokesperson Elect Christian Warren, Greene County
  • Parliamentarian Elect Von’Celis Leonard, Montgomery County 
  • Treasurer Elect Roman Sandhu, Allen County 
  • Secretary Elect Evelynn Self, Lucas/Sandusky

Our new Officers-in-Training include:
  1. Patricia Mazey, Stark County (President runner-up)
  2. Justiynn Stoneknight, Hamilton County (Vice President runner-up)
  3. D’Marco Shaw, Montgomery County (Media Spokesperson runner-up)
  4. For the Parliamentarian postion, we had three runners-up who tied (Terrianna Rapp of Franklin County, Matthew Williamson of Hamilton County, Stevie Hayslip of Greene County)
  5. Rebekah Milnes, Stark County (Treasurer runner-up)

Link to more pictures.

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