Thursday, July 17, 2008

2008-2009 Strategic Plan

1. Promote awareness of foster youth issues to the rest of the child welfare field

Goal: Training foster parents & child welfare staff to adequately provide assistance to youth who have experienced foster care.

- Prepare OHIO YAB members to present to foster parents and child welfare staff
-Develop a statewide training program with youth

Goal: Educate the public regarding OHIO YAB and foster youth issues
-Attend Statewide and National Conferences to make others aware of OHIO YAB
-Presentations across the state to child welfare professionals, foster parents, and other foster youth.

2. Policy & Practice Input from a Youth Perspective

Goal: Development of Youth Handbook
-Identify the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved including foster youth, foster parents, biological parents and caseworkers

Goal: Youth Involvement in the development of best practices
-Connect with ODJFS and PCSAs in the state of Ohio to provide input regarding child welfares issues and policies
-Stay current regarding Ohio child welfare legislation and provide testimony and input whenever possible.
-Promote awareness of the mandatory CASA/GAL program in the state of Ohio
-Connect with statewide CASA organization
-Educate foster youth and child welfare professionals regarding the CASA/GAL program.

3. Development of a strong OHIO YAB

Goal: Visible, forward looking knowledgeable OHIO YAB board across the state
-Obtainment and development OHIO YAB marketing tools
-Professional development of OHIO YAB members

Goal: To unify the counties at a state level
-Recruit youth to be part of OHIO YAB
-Develop regional YAB activities

Goal: Build partnerships and collaborations with other statewide child serving agencies (such as FCAA, OHILA, OACCA, I.H.S., OCWTP)
-Invite organizations to OHIO YAB meetings
-Maintain communication with other organizations.

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