Thursday, July 17, 2008

OHIO YAB Youth Leadership Program

Program Purpose
The OHIO YAB Youth Leadership Scholarship Program aims to provide exemplary leadership and empowerment opportunities for youth who have or will experience out of home care. This is accomplished through the funding of partial or full scholarships that allow current and former foster youth to attend and participate in local and national conferences, or other leadership programs as related to the OHIO YAB mission. By providing these opportunities for current and former foster youth OHIO YAB is investing in their future by allowing them to further their employable skills.

Scholarship Application Guidelines
1. Youth must be between the ages of fourteen and twenty-three.
2. Youth must either currently be under the custody of a Public Child Serving Agency or have been under the custody of a Public Child Serving Agency within the last 5 years.
3. Youth must formally be signed up as an OHIO YAB member (see Youth Membership Sign Up Form).
4. Youth must complete a Youth Leadership Scholarship Application form and submit it at least 60 days prior for a local event and 90 days prior for a national event.
5. Scholarships will cover the cost of the selected conference and major travel expenses (transportation and lodging). Youth currently under the custody of a Public Child Serving Agency will be awarded a 50% scholarship with youth not currently under the custody of a Public Child Welfare Agency will receive a 100% scholarship.
6. PCSAO reserves the right to make final decisions, with input from the applicant, in regards to flight and hotel arrangements.
7. All applications will be reviewed by OHIO YAB Officers on a first-come basis for each calendar year. OHIO YAB reserves the right to approve/deny applications to ensure that all opportunities are congruent with the OHIO YAB mission, and within available funds. PCSAO reserves the right to re-evaluate the application prior to final funding approval
8. Each RECIPIENT of the scholarship award agrees to share information or insight gained through their learning experience with other OHIO YAB members in the form of a short written summary, newsletter article, or a brief synopsis at an OHIO YAB meeting.

Making a Contribution
Funding for this scholarship comes from private donations and specified state contributions. PCSAO, OHIO YAB’s partner organization, maintains and tracks these dedicated funds, but does not claim any administrative costs for the service it provides for this scholarship fund. All donations to the scholarship fund are tax deductible. Please make checks out to PCSAO (memo: OHIO YAB Youth Leadership Scholarship), and send them to PCSAO, 510 E. Mound Street, Suite 200, Columbus, Ohio 43215.

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