Saturday, January 23, 2016

OHIO YAB ~ Member Goals for 2016

During the lunch break at the January 2016 OHIO Youth Advisory Board meeting, youth from all over the state had the chance to share their goals for 2016.

These are their personal goals:
  • #LoveYourself
  • Live... Laugh... Love
  • #StayStrong
  • Stay Positive
  • Become more hands-on during county YAB meetings
  • Provide youth workshops for our board
  • Become captain of my dance team
  • Pass the 11th grade with a good GPA
  • Graduate with a good GPA, good grades and all 27 credits
  • Graduate high school and start college for pharmacy
  • Graduate high school, move to Cincinnati and start college
  • Remove myself from toxic environment - and go to college
  • Keep up with keeping bad people out of my life
  • Stay in school for my senior year, and get good grades
  • Keep up my good grades
  • Get my GED before I'm 18
  • Keeping up my grades
  • Start college
  • Training more with my Sgt. for the Marines
  • Move closer to campus
  • Get a driver's license
  • Get a car
  • Complete my 3rd semester
  • Get a 20 or higher on my ACT
  • To attend college in the fall for Social Work
  • Save my money
  • Maintain financial sustainability
  • Get a new apartment
  • Get adopted
  • Get a better dance team
  • Get into Kentucky State University
  • Get a good paying job and keep it
  • Buy my first home and go to college
  • Stay strong -- and no matter where I go, remain positive
  • Adapt to all changes no matter what will come to pass

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