Saturday, January 23, 2016

OHIO YAB ~ Messaging in 2016

OHIO YAB Media Spokesperson Melissa Stroud recently invited member feedback and ideas when it comes to hashtags and messaging in 2016.

These are some of the ideas they shared:

  • #FosterLivesMatter
  • #YouthHaveAVoice
  • #TimeforChange
  • #ChosenFamily
  • #Adopt
  • #CanIHaveAVoice
  • #SpeakOut
  • #ImHome
  • #WhoIsFamily
  • #BeBraveBeBoldBelieveinYourPurpose
  • #WhyDoIStandOut
  • #LiveLearnLove
  • #ITT  #InThisTogether
  • #NormalLife
  • #IAmNotTheOther

Respecting youth's boundaries
They also came up with a great point about allowing youth to choose which hashtags they feel most comfortable with, when it comes to their personal social media postings. This might depend on whether or not youth choose to publicly disclose the fact that they are in foster care.

This is a great point -- we care very much about personal boundaries and Strategic Sharing, and never want to have a young person feel forced to share something that is uncomfortable for them.

Future ideas
  • Video with the #FosterLivesMatter
  • Share hashtags with schools through presentations
  • Make an app?

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