Friday, July 17, 2009

OHIO YAB Play Production

Lights! Camera! Action!

The OHIO YAB will be presenting a theatrical production of All My Foster Children during the 23rd Annual PCSAO Conference.

Child-Centered Recruitment of Adoptive Families

Jennifer Justice recently asked OHIO YAB members for insight because she is creating a survey questionnaire to enlist youth input regarding connecting older children in foster care with adoptive homes.

Former Ohio YAB President Adrian McLemore suggested that the survey be divided into three parts:

a. Level of Connection Desired With Biological Family

b. Bonding With Perspective Adoptive Parents

c. Post-Adoption Support & Resources

If you have additional insights to offer, please contact her at

For Youth From Youth: OHIO YAB Handbook

The OHIO YAB has just released a handbook for foster care youth:

Many thanks to youth for their insights during the April Ohio YAB meeting!

And many thanks to Kelly Knight for editing the handbook!

Mission Transition