Monday, May 30, 2016

2016 OHIO YAB Mid-Year Retreat

During the 2016 OHIO YAB Mid-Year Retreat, officers accomplished the following:
  1. They updated the OHIO YAB Code of Conduct and Constitution (both were initially created in 2006, and have had minimal updates since then -- a ten-year-old Youth Board needs and deserves a second look at their founding documents)
  2. They brainstormed ideas for a future Media Policy to safeguard youth and ensure communication with adult supporters, so we can be informed about the opportunity and able to help prepare them and debrief afterward
  3. They reviewed proposed budget items, line by line, with an eye toward tools and opportunities to support foster youth leaders throughout Ohio
  4. They created a list of ideas for additional training modules that ACTION Ohio can develop and share with state, regional and county boards to help support foster youth leaders (such as: how to engage with the media and how to facilitate a meeting)