Sunday, January 20, 2013

January OHIO YAB Quarterly Meeting 2013

Morning Brainstorming Topics for Youth Participants:

  1. What Teachers and Guidance Counselors Need to Know: What do middle/high school staff need to know about the experiences /resources related to foster youth? 
  2. National Foster Youth Advocacy Network: Does the OHIO YAB want to join their network? Are there training topics that we’d like for them to provide for us?   (undecided by participants; OYAB Officers will make the final decision)
  3. Developing A Statewide IL Curriculum: What were your most helpful hands-on experiences to prepare you for adulthood? What things did no one ever tell you, but you wish they had?
  4. Youth-Developed Workshop on Relationships: Insights/role-plays for today’s foster youth. 
  5. Chafee Funds: Youth suggest Best Practices in utilizing this funding allocation. 
  6. Housing: Youth discuss Barriers and Best Practices.

Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 OHIO YAB Officers Retreat

Many thanks to the Dave Thomas Foundation for generously hosting the 2013 OHIO Youth Advisory Board Officers Retreat.