Sunday, February 4, 2018

Appreciation for Dorothy Striker

Dorothy Striker was an awesome inclusion to our January OHIO Youth Advisory Board meeting.

She's part of the ODJFS Office for Families and Children's Child Protective Services (CPS) Section - which is responsible for Ohio’s child protection policy framework, including everything from screening child abuse and neglect referrals through reunification and/or case closure.

Here are some of the things that her department is responsible for:

  • Maintaining Ohio’s child protection policies, which guide PCSAs in their response to child abuse, neglect and dependency referrals
  • Maintaining Ohio’s Comprehensive Assessment and Planning Model (CAPMIS), which guides the casework process
  • Providing consultation and training to PCSAs
  • Acting as a liaison to other areas of OFC, other state agencies, local agencies, elected officials, and professional and community organizations to promote performance standards and coordinated service delivery to Ohio’s children and families
  • Overseeing and administering SACWIS search requests
  • Maintaining the Putative Father Registry