Monday, August 25, 2014

OHIO Youth Advisory Board ~ Officer Bootcamp

Youth participants did a wonderful job during the OHIO Youth Advisory Board's first Office Bootcamp.

Training topics included:
  1. Officer Professionalism
  2. Public Speaking 
  3. Effective Advocacy
Many thanks to Melinda Sykes Haggarty, Alex Gilbert, Julie Willis, Doris Edelmann, Lisa Dickson and Ann Bischoff for your role in helping to make this event a success.

OHIO YAB Officers in 2015

Acting President
Allissa Mitchell,  Stark County
Acting Vice President Violet Ramunni, Summit County
Media Spokesperson Michael Bolwaire, Cuyahoga County
Parliamentarian Samuel King, Franklin County
Treasurer Nathan Springs, Franklin County
Secretary Damahri Carter, Franklin County

*Violet will partner with Dominique Jefferson of Cuyahoga County